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Montessori de Santa Cruz Public Charter School is a free public school located in the heart of Tubac, Arizona. Since the late 1800s there has been a school located in Tubac and it is an honor for Montessori de Santa Cruz to continue that tradition.

Montessori is a philosophy with the fundamental tenet that a child learns best within a social environment which supports each individual’s unique development. The environment contains specially designed manipulative materials for development that invite children to engage in learning activities.

Under the guidance of a trained teacher, children in a Montessori classroom learn by making discoveries with the materials, cultivating concentration, motivation, self discipline and a love of learning.

Thanks to the community, through the Arizona State Extra Curricular Tax Credit Program (ECA), the school enhances education with music, and gardening instruction. Many students play the violin and all Kindergarten students take violin classes as part of their first year of education. Montessori de Santa Cruz students tend an organic garden complete with traditional sunken vegetable beds.

Montessori de Santa Cruz Charter School is proud to be a part of Tubac, the place “where art and history meet." For more information call (520) 398-0536 or visit us on the web.

Starting October 2011, Polly Schlitz will be offering on-going Theatre & Acting Workshops for Kids at the Community Performing Arts Center in Green Valley. Included are children ages 11-18 and ages 6-10.

Dates & times TBA

Contact Polly Schlitz by email or contact Berdette at CPAC - 520-399-1750

Celebrate the River Picnic and Children's Art Contest on Sunday, October 2nd, 2011, from 12:00 - 5:00 pm at the Tubac Community Center. This event is hosted by Friends of the Santa Cruz River, sponsored by Global Community Communications Alliance & The Hilltop Gallery. Info is posted on this website.

All are welcome! The picnic will be held at the park behind the community center. Bring a picnic basket of goodies and a blanket. Some picnic tables will be available. An open mike time will be held for folks to share their river experiences and artistic performances will be held in the park. All forms of art are encouraged for the children's art contest but only printed art submitted by children will be judged.

The art contest will be on display in the Community Center's big room. The theme of the contest is "The River Speaks". Guided river walks will be given throughout the afternoon. For more information or a art contest entry form please contact: or telephone 520-603-9932.