Communities of Southern Arizona

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Southern Arizona information icon southern Arizona Southern Arizona has it all! From the big city of Tucson to the laid back town of Arivaca, there is something here for everybody. And if exploring is interesting to you. Southern Arizona is the place to be.

Here are a few facts to get you going:
  • What is now Southern Arizona was acquired from Mexico via the Gadsden Purchase of 1853.
  • The newly acquired land was joined with the existing Territory of New Mexico.
  • The Territory of Arizona was not created until 1864. Till then, it was Tubac, New Mexico.
  • Arizona was the last of the continental 48 to become a state.
  • Arizona became a state in 1912.
  • Only 15% of Arizona is privately owned.
  • 85% of Arizona is owned by the public either as public forest, park land, state trust land, or Native American reservations.
We add communities to the list below as time allows.

Have a point of interest you would like us to discuss? Just let us know and we'll get right to it! We love this place.

Amado Nogales Patagonia Rio Rico Sonoita & Elgin

Interactive maps of Southern Arizona are found on our Southern Arizona Map page.