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Standard Membership

We offer three membership levels:
Free, Silver, and Gold.

The features offered for each level are listed in the table to the left. Have additional needs? Let us know.

Free Membership is FREE.

Here is an example of a FREE listing:
Example of a FREE listing.

Here is an example of a SILVER listing:
Example of a SILVER listing.

Here is an example of a GOLD listing:
Example of a GOLD listing.

Non-profit? We offer a 50% discount on your participation. Contact us with any questions.

Group Discounts? Help your members promote their businesses while earning revenue for your organization. Ask us how!

We also offer First Page Advertising Opportunities.

Our Premier Memberships place your linked icon at our hottest screen locations, and these positions are reserved just for you! Read all about our first-page opportunities here.

We support you and your listing on this site via a paid Google advertising campaign, along with print ads in the "Tubac Villager" and "The Connection," which include distribution to Tucson, Phoenix, and Southern Arizona's Santa Cruz Valley.

We support Tubac Arizona
Our ads in support of your listing include print distribution to Amado, Arivaca, Carmen, Green Valley, Nogales, Patagonia, Rio Rico, Sasabe, Tubac, Tumacacori, and elsewhere throughout the Santa Cruz Valley via tourism racks along with participating businesses.

We support Tubac Arizona
Good deal? Our comparison advertising shopping show similar tourism and shopping sites charging $695 or more per year. And unlike a monthly "paper" advertisment, your listing on is available for viewing 24/7/365. Good deal? No... Great Deal!

We support Tubac Arizona
We also support you via direct mail campaigns, email newsletters, focused SEM/SEO internet search engine results, and, most significantly, a paid Google PPC campaign that triggers a link to via hundreds of key phrases that promote you, your business, and our area.

So who hosts your website? It should be us. Here's our offer: we will host your website AND provide a Gold Listing for an annual fee of $330 (plus tax). What do you get? Just about everything! Our hosting package includes:

  • 100+ meg storage
  • 24-hour FTP access
  • 24-hour cgi-bin access
  • Form handler
  • Domain style e-mail addresses
  • E-mail account control panel
  • SPAM filtering
  • Site access statistics
  • UNLIMITED monthly data transfer
  • Secure Server INCLUDED
You get all the above AND a premium Gold listing on Is that a deal? We also do website creation and maintenance. Do the math. We offer First Class Service while promoting your business. You and I both know your current web host is... well, just a web host. Let us know if you think otherwise.

Not to brag, but we are on one of the 'fattest' internet delivery pipes in the country. If you don't speak geek, that translates into speed and bandwidth. We deliver our clients' sites fast and dependably!