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Who are you? Simple enough: we are Rich and Peggy from Arizona and Ohio... and we are dozens more who call Southern Arizona home. We, and perhaps you, just love this place!

If Peggy and I are not working our two businesses, mine being computer programming, and her's being a Bed and Breakfast, we are either golfing, puttering around one of the houses, or exploring the more desolate sections of Southern Arizona. In fact, the stories you can read on this site provide a little insight into our Arizona Roamings. You can find them here.

Why this site? Simple enough again: as tourists and residents in Southern Arizona, we found it exceedingly difficult to find out just what was going on, and having a tourism background, we thought it obvious to build out a comprehensive web site that included all those things that we and others seek.

Is your site successful? In one word, "Yes!" If you are going to do something, my father always said, do it... don't half do it. Do It.

Well, did you do it? Our is an ongoing mission. For starters, we support you and your listing via an extensive (which rhymes with expensive) paid Google advertising campaign that gives us first page results for hundreds of search phrases. In addition, our search-engine friendly construction provides great generic search results for yet more phrases.

Is there more? Of course. We also support you and your listing via print ads in the "Tubac Villager" and "The Connection," which include distribution to Tucson, Phoenix, and Southern Arizona's Santa Cruz Valley.

And more? Our ads in support of your listing include print distribution to Amado, Arivaca, Carmen, Green Valley, Nogales, Patagonia, Rio Rico, Sasabe, Tubac, Tumacacori, and elsewhere throughout the Santa Cruz Valley via tourism racks along with participating businesses. We also do the old tried and true USPS mailings. We also offer an email newsletter.

But are you successful? Yes! Our access statistics indicates that visitors to our site have generated over 118,000+ "running year" page views (A running year is twelve months of access statistics. As a new month arrives, the old month with the same name falls off the chart.) We anticipate that number to exceed 125,000 page views during the next calendar year. We call that a Success.

Where do I read the details? There are two pages on the site that offer information about membership and premier advertising opportunities. Click these links now and we will open them in new windows. By the way, thanks for stopping by our website,

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Tubac Arizona cactus graphic three Are you are writer? Is your work related to Tourism or the history of Southern Arizona?

We might have a spot for your work. Take a look at the structure of our Historical entries. Show Me. money graphic Bored? Like to meet people? Want to earn a few bucks? We pay a HUGE commission.

Be your own boss on your own time. We provide what you need to make it happen. Contact us for details. Contact.