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Our mobile application offers a speedy way to discover What's Happening in Tubac and Southern Arizona.

Need to find an Event? Clicking the EVENTS CURRENT MONTH button delivers a chronological listing of all the Events we know about for the current month. The app grabs the complete listing displayed via our full browsing experience and chops it down to mobile size. Images are removed, and the description is truncated to under 100 characters. The date is obviously retained, as is the dynamic map link, telephone number, and website information (if those pieces of info are provided by the event host).

Want to find only the Live Music Events? Clicking the LIVE MUSIC CURRENT MONTH button does just that. It takes the already stripped down events calendar mentioned above and further deletes entries until only Live Music Events remain.

We also present a button link to display the current edition of our NEWSLETTER. Need to subscribe? You can do so here. We hope you do sign up, and we also hope you enjoy the information we provide.

There is also a WEATHER button link that transports you to the good folks at WeatherBug©.

And the almost last is not the least. Our VisitTubac.com mobile application provides both CATEGORY & KEYWORD SEARCH for you to find that special store, restaurant, or service. Need to know about Shopping opportunities? Easy. Select SHOPPING from the drop down menu. Need to find something specific like boots or beer? Type the word into the keyword search box. The keyword search also works with multiple words such as cow palace. Try it. You might like it.

Finally, there is a CONTACT US link for your comments, criticisms, or requests.

Mobile App Via Direct Address

Did we fail to automatically recognize your mobile device? Let us know the device and we'll get that corrected. In the meantime, just visit the app address directly. Point your mobile device to VisitTubac.com/m_index.htm and all will be well. If you are on your mobile device now, just click this link to load our mobile experience.

One more comment: if we detect your device and direct you to our mobile site but you rather experience our complete site, just click the Main Site Link we provide on the mobile app. We will remember your choice for one hour. The next time you visit, we will then again auto detect your mobile device.

Apple iPhone Users

Apple iPhone users can run the VisitTubac.com Mobile Application as a resident app complete with our own VisitTubac.com custom app icon!

Visit our website VisitTubac.com, and once the app has automatically loaded, touch the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen, then select "Add to Home Screen." On the next screen, touch the Add button at the top right of the screen. The app will drop our custom icon to your device where you can run it at a touch.

The app will now run from your iPhone home screen without the pesky top and bottom iPhone function bars getting in the way. Have a comment, concern, or question? Contact us.

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