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The Tumacacori Mission Revisited by Richard A. Zidonis

A reader asked, "For how many years was Father Kino resident at the Tumacácori mission?" Well, he was never resident, and to tell the tale, I must first apologize for the length of the answer by paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw: "I am sorry this piece is so long, but I didn't have time to make it shorter." more>>>

Border Monument 122 by Richard A. Zidonis

Green Valley News & Sun Driving south on the interstate, I pass the Tubac exit doing 75 miles per hour. Nogales, on the border, is not too many minutes away more>>>

The Mount Hopkins Road to the Observatory by Richard A. Zidonis

As she spoke, our eleven-year old 4x4 happened to be positioned on a ledge road a few hundred feet above the surrounding terrain.... more>>>

Salero Camp by Richard A. Zidonis

The Salero silver mine - Salero meaning salt cellar - is one of the oldest and most famous silver mines in what is now Southern Arizona.... more>>>

Tubac Overview compiled by Richard A. Zidonis

The name Tubac is a Spanish corruption of O'odham phrase "s-cuk ba'a", or perhaps "cu wa", meaning "black water" or "low place", respectively. Tubac is situated on the Santa Cruz River.... more>>>

Alto Camp via Amado: a 4x4 Experience by Richard A. Zidonis

The Ghost Town of Alto Camp was home to the first female Postmaster of the United States. more>>>

The Demise of Mr. H. C. Grosvenor by Richard A. Zidonis

Horace Chipman Grosvenor, born in Ohio in 1820, was a printer by trade, although most state his occupation as an engraver. more>>>

Mission San Jose de Tumacacori by Richard A. Zidonis

The only other mission in Southeastern Arizona is that of the ruins of San Jose de Tumacacori, about forty miles from San Xavier del Bac. more>>>